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Procedure to enable EXT CLK in API of AD9082 Eval board.

Category: Software
Product Number: vcu118, ad9082
Software Version: api v1.2.2 commit 5b813df for ad9082

I am using VCU118 board + AD9082 with setup as shown in link but with AD9082 board.

The aim is to bring up the two ADC of 9082 for 2GHz bandwidth and transmit the sampled data onto JESD204C.

I am refering to UG1578 and API (api v1.2.2 commit 5b813df for ad9082) for my development.

I have integrated the API source with my HAL code for SPI access (spi_xfer) and tx_en_pin_ctrl.

I am feeding 4.4GHz into the EXT_CLK of AD9082 as shown in red circle in below image.


In the API provided, I am unable to find the function and arguments to call to enable EXT_CLK directly for AD9082.

It is requested to provide list and order of registers to be set to enable EXT_CLK directly as shown in red color path for DACCLK.

for more details may be looked into.


Faiz Ahmed.

Added Image to show the exact path required for PLL clock.
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