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Regarding AD-FMCADC4-EBZ evaluation board

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD-FMCADC4-EBZ

Hello support team,

We are looking for the QUAD CHANNEL RF-ADC with programmable DDC board with 14 bit ADC resolution, 500 MSPS sample rate. I have found one evaluation board -AD-FMCADC4-EBZ. As in the evaluation board, 2 AD9680 ADC are being used. As AD9680 ADC is recommended for new design. but when I see AD-FMCADC4-EBZ board details , I found obsolete for FPGA support information. 

Also, in digi-key , I found the board obsolete. But in analog , I find that AD9680 as recommended for new design.

Kindly request you to provide weather the board AD-FMCADC4-EBZ is recommended for new design or not?

As I am looking for the evolution board with 14 bit ADC resolution, quad channel , 500 MSPS sample rate, inbuilt Programmable DDC, input frequency range : upto 100 MHz and board has proper user guide for xilinx FPGA board interfacing and design(including HDL, NO-OS , GUI) etc. 

Please suggest the same. Awaited your quick feedback.

  • Hello support team,

    I have found 2 more evaluation boards - AD-FMCDAQ2-EBZ and AD-FMCDAQ3-EBZ , for which detailed quick start guide, FPGA HDL design guide, NO-OS guide, IIO-scope guide with ZC706 and ZCU102 is given. 

    But the issue is that we have a requirement of quad simultaneous ADC channels and above boards have dual channel ADC.

    1. Is there any possible way to use(interface) 2 same evaluation boards( AD-FMCDAQ3-EBZ) with single ZC706 platform to make it quad channel simultaneous ADC inputs? or we need to use 2 ZC706 platform boards with 2 individual  AD-FMCDAQ3-EBZ boards.

    2. I know, that there are other quad channel evaluation boards available like EVAL-AD9694 , but for EVAL-9694 , I have not found proper detailed user guide on how to use EVAL-9694 GUI / NO-OS with ZC706 platform.

    Can you please support and guide on the above case. As this is urgent and we need to select and finalize the evaluation board. and due to this , it is on hold. 

    Awaited your quick guidance.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Hello support team,

    Any update? It is urgent to finalize the same. kindly request you to provide guidance.

  • Hi,

    The AD-FMCADC4-EBZ is an obsolete eval board. the AD9680 chip is in production and recommended for new designs. the default evaluation board for the AD9680 is listed in the product page ( under evaluation board section.

    I am not familiar with the ZC706 platform to comment on the compatibility of 2x AD-FMCDAQ3-EBZ boards onto a single zc106. you can take a look at the schematic and layout files to make your own judgement on that

    for the eVAL-9694, please refer to EVALUATING THE AD9694 QUAD CHANNEL 500 MSPS ADC [Analog Devices Wiki]

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