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Regarding direct sampling Transceiver, MxFE , high speed simultaneous RF-ADC with inbuilt DDC

Category: Hardware

Hello support Team,

We are looking for the direct sampling Receiver( RF-ADC with inbuilt programmable DDC) evaluation board compatible with zynq platform.

Our primary requirement for ADC : 14 bit Resolution , 4 simultaneous channel , min sampling rate= 500 MSPS , also frequency range is minimum : upto 100 MHz 

I have gone through the website and figure out that there are 3 different categories which are suitable 1) MxFE((AD9081)  2) wideband direct Transmitter and receiver(AD9988)

But I have found that in MxFE and wideband Receiver, Max. ADC resolution is 12 bits , so Is there any evaluation board based on MxFE and wideband receiver that supports 4 channels RF-ADC with resolution of 14 bits and min sample rate of 500 MSPS.

or else, I also found RF-ADC (high speed ADC) as below.

1. AD9694

but I have not found suitable zynq platform related details for AD9694 such as HDL design , supported zynq carriers(FPGA carriers ) etc. I am planning to use ZCU102 carrier. please request you to provide the analog wiki link for the AD694+ZCU102 (or any other supported carrier platform) HDL build design guide, NO-OS / GUI support . As in the user guide , it is given with the data capture board ( I think , it is for the testing only, not for the development) 

Also, if any suitable MxFE / wideband receiver evaluation board you can suggest for the requirement, it would be very helpful.

Awaited your quick and positive response.