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Memory Map not updating after clicking "Apply" of Quick configuration (NO HARWARE)

Category: Software
Product Number: ACE
Software Version: 1.25.3217.1403

I don't have  a EVAL board but want to generate the Memory Map of AD9082 registers for my configurations.

The intention of me using ACE software is that, I am trying to generate proper SPI register values for my configuration so that the same can be loaded onto my hardware and for this, I am configuring the settings as per my requirements as shown in steps 3-24, after clicking "Apply" button I am expecting the memory map window to be updated as per my configurations. But, the configured values are not getting updated in Memory configuration and remain the same default values.

When I hit apply the Apply fails and Memory Map is not updated.

I have attached images of my steps recorder file of my use case:

It is requested to kindly provide me a solution so that I can generate memory map as per my configuration without hardware requirements so that I can correctly configure my custom board.



Faiz Ahmed.

Corrected the body.
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