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AD9081-FMCA-EBZ + ADS9 maximum capture size and remote control


I have 2 questions when using the  AD9081-FMCA-EBZ  with ADS9 with the ACE software.

1) What is maximum capture size for the ADCs? In ACE gui it is 2^20. Is this the maximum? I remember with e.g. AD9208 + ADS7 it was possible to capture at least up to 2^30 samples.

2) How can I set the capture size remotely using e.g. Matlab? I can capture remotely using code I adapted from the AD9208 example in the wiki, but when I run the line:


I get an error:

Error using QAMCapture (line 140)
Message: Wizard "captureWizard" does not exist in context "AD9081"
Source: AnalogDevices.Csa.Remoting.Clients

How can i set measurement parameters with the AD9081 remotely? is it a different command? I had a look through the documentation but could not find anything.



  • Hi,

    You'll need to make sure to navigate to the capture and analysis tab/node or the wizard may not be initialised. You might also need to set the context to "AD9081 Analysis". I ran the "listwizards" transaction in ACE 1.25 and it looks like the wizard id is "AD9081 AnalysiscaptureWizard" not "captureWizard".

    The bad news is setting the "validatedSampleCount" out of range may not allow larger captures.

    As a potential workaround, you could:
    Run a capture normally through the wizard to ensure everything gets set up correctly.

    Now use "SetBigIntParameter" for "samplecount"  the standard capture parameter.

    @Subsystem_1.AD9081-FMCA-EBZ.AD9081: Evaluation.Control.SetBigIntParameter("samplecount", 1073741824, -1);

    Run capture transactions (not wizard capture actions).

  • Thanks. I can now control the capture length using either

    client.SetWizardParameter('AD9081 AnalysiscaptureWizard','validatedSampleCount',string(capture_length));


    client.SetBigIntParameter("samplecount", string(capture_length), "-1");

    However when setting the capture length greater than 2^20, I get an error with the first method (as expected) and the second method does nothing (i.e. it just captures at the previously set capture length).

    However I'm not quite sure what you mean by "capture transactions (not wizard capture actions)". Whats the difference? For capturing I just use the line:


  • Sorry, AsyncRawCaptureToFile is right. It's also possible to trigger/run a capture by invoking wizard actions.

    I'm afraid the plug-in needs an update to allow larger captures. I'll contact the developer, but I can't promise anything.

  • Ok thanks. Larger capture sizes would be very useful for our projects.