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AD9081 Tx link status failed


I am trying to operate the AD9081 eval board (with ADS9) in 4Rx/4Tx mode. I can receive data from all 4 ADC channels on ACE, but when I go to upload data to the DACs using DPG Lite I cannot get any output out of the DACs. DPG lite recognizes the board but the "link 0" has a red "x" next to it, presumably because it is somehow not configured correctly.

I have programmed the board in ACE as follows:

Use case: 12 GSPS DAC, 1.5 GSPS I/Q, 4 GSPS ADC, Full Bandwidth

Tx JESD204C mode: 15

Rx JESD204C mode: 27

And I am using the onboard 100MHz ref and HMC7044 for clocking. Any ideas? I can't see what I am doing wrong, thanks!