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AD9988 digital gain range


As I know, the DAC could be set digital gain control for Main digital data path and channelizer data path and I find the related setting at user guide.

I wonder to know about setting range of digital gain control, it shows the parameter can be set -∞ to 6.018 dB as below figure from user guide, in here I have 12 bits can control the gain and how could I calculate the resolution?

Or the setting range is about  0 to 6.018 dB?


  • Hi Jeremy,

    The gain is set via the gain code from 0-4095 [decimal] or 000000000000-111111111111 [binary] per channelizer stage using the CHNL-GAIN register. The 6.018 dB maximum translates to a maximum gain of roughly 2 that you can follow the equations you posted. You have 12 bits of resolution from the gain code to set your gain. Hopefully this answers your question, but if not please follow up with more clarity on the resolution you are looking for.