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AD9988 EVM result

Hi folks,

I find the specification and relevant document, it doesn't mention about EVM measurement .

Could you help to provide the EVM measurement result , the condition of measurement is 1024QAM@7.2GHz


  • Hi, please see the prelim results collected on single AD9082 board. AD9988/AD9082 are same product family. please refer to the Datasheet/UG to understand the difference. 


    test item connections results
    1 ADC- DAC Loopback EVM

    ►Single Channel Loopback EVM

    • Using IEEE 802.11ax waveform with 80MHz instantaneous BW, QAM 1024 symbols
    • Wide capture bandwidth enables waveform frequency shifting to avoid spurs

    Complex mode EVM is expected to be 3dB lower than the single channel EVM


    ADC-DAC Loopback (5G NR 30kHz-100MHz)


    5G NR 30kHz 100MHz Wide


    ADC-DAC Loopback (IEEE 802.11BE)

    Device Settings

    DAC sampling rate = 12GSPS

    ADC sampling rate = 6GSPS

    Waveform Settings

    IEEE 802.11BE, 320MHz, 4096 QAM

    Test configuration

    DAC/ADC loopback


    Direct DAC RF in 1st and 2nd Nyquist

    DAC 11796.48Msps & 9830.4Msps

    AD9082-FMCB-EBZ 4D2A

    Data Rate = 491.52Msps,

    Vector: 80MHz IEEE 802.11AX 1024 QAM


    AD9082/AD9213 Direct RF in 2nd Nyquist

    Vector: 80MHz IEEE 802.11AX 1024 QAM