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How to manually Program AD9082 without the API on a Custom Board


I would like to program the AD9082 on our custom board by writing to chip registers manually via its SPI interface. I did an evaluation on the evaluation board with ACE and downloaded the register log. I know this may sound cumbersome but that's the option we have at the moment. I intend to copy the register accesses and enter them into my code which will then program the chip (hopefully). From what I can see, the register log reports all the API function calls and records the SPI reads and writes. Hence I can also write to the register in the sequence which they appear in the register log right?

Is there something I should know before I proceed? Once again, using the API is not an option for now. We want to use the manual method. 

Is there any documented sequence of programming that I need to follow as is found in the adrv9025 api user guide?

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