How to manually Program AD9082 without the API on a Custom Board


I would like to program the AD9082 on our custom board by writing to chip registers manually via its SPI interface. I did an evaluation on the evaluation board with ACE and downloaded the register log. I know this may sound cumbersome but that's the option we have at the moment. I intend to copy the register accesses and enter them into my code which will then program the chip (hopefully). From what I can see, the register log reports all the API function calls and records the SPI reads and writes. Hence I can also write to the register in the sequence which they appear in the register log right?

Is there something I should know before I proceed? Once again, using the API is not an option for now. We want to use the manual method. 

Is there any documented sequence of programming that I need to follow as is found in the adrv9025 api user guide?

  • The API can be used to setup the AD9082 in a certain mode. This API when executed, will create a log file in the erpc server. the log file can be used to convert to individual spi writes. note that when doing this, not all the necessary delays may be captured in the log file, and the setup of the AD9082 may not be exactly as it is using API. 

  • Hello

    Thanks for your reply. You are right about the delays and the setup not being the same as using the API. It is one of my reasons for asking the question. To further elaborate on my  question I would like to know;

    1. Where to insert the necessary delays as well as 
    2. What registers to check for in order to ascertain whether the chip has been successfully programmed

    I am not sure if (1) will be that easy. If it is not, then I'll just have to do some more reading and then check the registers you provide at (2)

    With (2), what I have checked so far is the JESD Link Status and PLL Status. Are these enough to verify a successful programming of the chip?

    Thanks in advance Smiley

  • Hi Alex, 

    Did you figure out the registers, is it working for with custom board. I am asking this because I am also planning to do the same thing like programming the ad9082 register directly from SPI.

  • Hello 

    I did program the chip alright but found it hard debugging without the API so I switched to the API. There are some registers for checking the lane state but doing that alone was not enough; you need to know where to insert delays between register writes and reads and that will waste a lot of debugging time. So I suggest you use the API.