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Programming and configuring AD9082 with ADS9-V2EBZ


We have AD9082 with ADS9-V2EBZ and planning to add some modules in the system. But  could not find any program button in ACE software.

Can you please help us in this?

Thanks and Regards


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  • Hi UmeshJ

    Thanks for the references. However, i followed the same steps as the ones provided in the second link to configure AD9082 with ADS9-V2EBZ and i am getting

    " Transaction Errors:

    Error applying values: Can't stop eRPC server.

    Error: Connection failed to establish within 5000 milliseconds. "

    What can be the issue/s? 

    And one more point, from The 8 aligned lights on the AD9082, the first 5 are green, the 6th one is red and the other 2 are off. Why is that and maybe the former issue is due to this?