Temperature testing with AD9081/2 eval boards and ADS9?

I am interested in running some temperature testing at hot and cold with the AD9081 eval board (EVAL-AD9081) and the ADS9. I didn't see any documentation listing out the absolute max of the eval board and ADS9 -- are the temperature extremes limited by the AD9081 and FPGA on the ADS9? Are there any suggestions from ADI to follow?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on May 12, 2021 9:05 PM


    Both boards were designed to operate around ambient temperature hence putting boards in a temperature chamber is not an option.  

    A crude way of 0perating near the higher end of the die temperature range may be possible when using one of the high power modes when all 4 DACs and ADCs are used near the upper end of their sample rate where power consumption exceeds 10+W.   One can remove (not install fan) to see what the die temperature can get too for that particular mode case.  If one needs to reduce temperature slightly.....to get to near 120 C max die temp reading......one can add a heat since and perhaps some slight airflow to lower it.

    The better method should you have this capability is to have thermal conductive plate/heat sink that makes contact to metal lid of BGA package such that the device temperature  can be controlled by measuring the devices die temperature and adjusting the heat/cooling plates temperature.