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Problem Running AD9082 MxFE Eval App Extras Example


I am using the AD9082-FMCA-EBZ-A2 with ADS9-V2EBZ evaluation kits. I have installed version 1.0.7 of the AD9082 API and I am attempting to run the "MicroZed Use Case Example" in MxFE_Eval_APP_Extras_User_guide.pdf, which is in the documentation included with the API.

I am able to successfully build the "Standalone App", but I get an error when attempting to run the example:

root@analog:~/AD9082_API-Rel1.0.7/src/ad9082_app/app_ads9/debug# ./ad9082_app 3 1 1
Running uc3 using hmc7044.
Chip-to-chip bridge: Ready detected.
UIO device doesn't exist.

After debugging a bit further, the UIO device for the I2C controller (/dev/uio6) does not seem to exist in the Linux filesystem. Is it possible that the Linux build included on my HSX SD card is outdated? Please advise.