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No power to AD9082-FMCA-EBZ-A2 with ADS9-V2

I am connecting the AD9082 eval board (AD9082-FMCA-EBZ-A2), board rev "B", to the ADS9-V2.   The ADS9-V2 board boots up properly, but it does not deliver any power to the AD9082 FMC card (no LED's light up on the FMC board).  In ACE, it does find the "AD9082-FMCA-EBZ-A2" board, and I can blink the ADS9-V2 LEDs, but when I try to program the registers (hit Apply in the quick configuration), I receive the following error in ACE:

I have the "HSX" SD card inserted in to the microZED board.  My computer's static IP is set to  Note that I did remove R22M, and add in a 10k for R2M, as required here.  But this change pulls up on power EN, so I don't think it does any harm with the ADS9 setup.  And I've confirmed that the ADS9-V2 board works with the ADRV9026.  And the AD9082 board works with the ZCU102+IIO drivers.  So I believe that the ADS9V2 is good, and the AD9082 board is good.  

I just don't know why power is not going to the AD9082 FMC card from the ADS9-V2.  Can you help?


- Jon

  • Is there some documentation on the ADS9, or ways for me to debug it?  For example, what do DS1-6 mean?  None of those are illuminated on my board.  And what should the S11 switches be set to?  

    In probing the "EN_INT" voltage on the AD9082 FMC card, I see that it is 0V, even with R2M=10k, and R22M = open.  So there is something on the ADS9 board that is pulling EN low.  And that is surely why my FMC card is not starting up.  What are the conditions that need to be met for EN to release?  Or what other indicators/debug can I do to figure out the problem?  

  • Hello,

    Once you "click" on the AD9082 icon in "Start menu...……………….FPGA image should be loaded which in turn pulls EN_INT signal high allowing  FMCA EVB power distribution network to turn on.  The image will load independent on whether uZed board is connected or not.  If FPGA is properly initialized...………….3 LED's located by the ANALOG DEVICES ADS9 label (on FMC connector side) should light up.  The two above the label (DS14 and DS15) pertain to the FPGA initialization while the one below pertains to the PG_C2M signal.  What are the state of these LED's?

  • Thanks Paul.  DS16 is the only one of the three that is on.  DS15 and DS17 are off all the time.  DS16 is on prior to clicking AD9082 in ACE start, and remains on afterwards.  After clicking 9082 though, DS39 briefly (very fast) flashes once and then is off.  A couple of the LEDs on the 9082 board also flash when I click on the 9082 (extremely briefly!):  V1PO_L, VINT_L, VINT0_L, and I think one or two more. It's hard to tell.  Then then all turn off.  DS1-DS6 stay off the entire time.  

  • I will follow up with you via email.  Regards

  • What should the position of S1 (BOOT_SEL) on the ADS9 board be?  For the ADRV9026, it must be "off".  But it appears that for the MxFE it must be "ON".  Like this:  

    However, I cannot find any documentation about its proper position.  Can you please direct me to more information on it?  What does "FX3" and "MZ" mean, etc.?  And for the MxFE products, what position must it be in?  Is it really opposite the ADRV9026?

  • Hi Jon,

    I have exactly the same problem in the same setup.

    What was the solution?

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,


  • For me I solved the problem without any modification in the hardware.

    I uninstalled the ACE software and install the latest version again and it start to work.

    Here are some notes:

    • Setup is Microzed + ADS9-V2 + AD9082-FMCA-EBZ
    • Only MXFE microSD is need to inserted in the Microzed. No need to insert HSX microSD to the DS9-V2 board
    • No need to remove R22M.
    • ACE software version
      • I used the latest available ACE software
      • ACEInstall_1.22.3072.1379.exe
      • Board file “board.ad9988.1.2021.23100.acezip”
      • Use the offline installer and chose the all option to install in your PC

    • IP address of MicroZed is
      • Choose IP address 192.168.0.x (e.g. for host PC.  (For unknown reason “” for the host -that is mentioned in the user manual- is not working for my PC, I have local network for AD9082 setup and I am sure that it is not occupied with other devices)
    • After power on wait to see the network and USB connection establish then open ACE

      • During the boot of Microzed the network connection is enable and disable 2-3 times. Therefore monitor the network connection and start ACE when you see that it is remaining enable.