FMCOMMS5 works in wide tuning range

Hi all,

        I have a question about the hardware design of FMCOMMS5 board. According to the wiki user guide, FMCOMMS5's TX and RX channel can work in both narrow and wide tuning range. I want to know what should I do if I want the channels work in wide tuning range? Should I remove something from FMCOMMS5 board? 

        It's said that " The board includes both a narrow and wide tuning range baluns on a different SMA connectors" , however, the schematic shows that each RX channel has two SMA connectors(J111 and J103), but each TX channel only has one SMA connector(J112). What should I do if I want the TX channel works in wide tuning range?

        By the way, if it is necessary to remove components from the board, can you help us modify the hardware design after we buy it and then sent it to us so that it could still be guaranteed?