AD9361 LO Leakage


We use 2 AD9361 devices in Rx Only mode. Both devices are fed by external PLL.

For some reason We observe a very strong LO signal at AD9361 outputs as can be observed on the attached pictures.

What can be the reason for such strong LO signal and how can it be removed?

Thanks in advance.
  • We are using the ad9361 with custom board(microsemi FPGA). With No-OS drivers, we are just running


      ad9361_init(&ad9361_phy, &default_init_param , (void*)handle);
      ad9361_set_tx_lo_freq ( ad9361_phy , 300000000);

    After this If we probe the output spectrum, we are also facing the same issue(large LO leakage)

    After this we tried generating BIST tone, still we don't get any BIST tone at output. We are only seeing the High power LO tone.

    Did you find out any solution for this problem?

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