AD9361 design questions

We've got a couple of AD9361 PCB design questions that I figured would be best to bundle into a single post.

1) What is the maximum TX and RX data trace slack, assuming the maximum sample rate of 61.44Msps? In other words, what is the maximum length/TOF delay between A_P1_D0, A_P1_D1, A_P1_D2, etc...

2) What is the recommended bypass capacitor configuration? Right now we're using the ADP1755 with a configuration of ferrite -> 0.1uF -> small power plane (to minimize parasitic inductance) for all 1.3V digital and analog supplies. Does adding a 10uF capacitor or doing 0.1uF -> ferrite -> 0.1uF -> power plane significantly improve the 9361's performance?

3) What is the nominal peak-to-peak voltage for the SYNC_IN signal? We couldn't much information on this in the wiki or datasheet.