I wish to know that the How the VDD_Interface voltage level will affect RX/TX DATA & Controls, SPI lines voltage levels?

If i connect the interface to LVDS 2.5 V , will all data lines, controls lines,GPO & SPI lines voltage would be 2.5V if i feed VDD_INTERFACE voltage as 2.5V?

I want to know how this voltage level will affect on IO lines voltage levels? If i use LVDS mode what could be the voltage level of all Data, Control & SPI lines.

Thanks for your support in advance.

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  • Hi tlili,

    As you have stated, digital interface levels are specified in the data sheet; however, specified values are for VDD_INTERFACE = 1.8 V;

    Therefore, if VDD_INTERFACE is set to 2.5 V, are those values which are specified for 1.8V (Vin,dm/Vin,cm/Vout,dm/Vout,cm/etc.) still valid or do they shift to some other value? If so, what are those values and where are they specified in?

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