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HSMC ARRadio Daughter Card - Connectivity

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9361, FPGA DE2-115

I had the FPGA DE2-115 having HSMC connector. I plan to buy board HSMC ARRadio Daughter card due to the chip AD9361 on it. So, someone please help me verify the information that: board HSMC ARRadio can connect to board FPGA DE2-115 and it will be compatible through HSMC connector standard.

Thank you, guys, in advance.

Link board FPGA DE2-115 from Terasic: Terasic - All FPGA Boards - Cyclone IV - Altera DE2-115 Development and Education Board.

Link board HSMC ARRadio Daughter card: Terasic - Daughter Cards - HSMC ARRadio Daughter Card

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