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ad9364 ENSM can't enter RX state?


   My AD9364 configurations are as below:

  1. TDD mode (0x013=0x00)

  2. To Alert = 1 (0x014=0x1D)

  3. txnrx and Enable(level) by pin control. (0x015=08 or 0x0c)

 After initial config done, the ENSM enter ALERT state. The reg 0x017=0x15.  I set TXNRX = high, and then set ENABLE=high, the device enter TX state. The reg 0x017=16. And then set ENABLE=low, ENSM enter ALERT state,0x017=0x15.

But I set TXNRX=low, and then set ENABLE=high, ENSM cannot enter RX state, reg 0x017 is still 0x15. BOTH reg 0x015 =0x08 and 0x0c I have tried. It does not work.

Anyone can help me with this problem?