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Using TxLO for RX on AD9363

Hi support team,

I would like to run the RX downconverter with the TX LO in an application where TX and RX must run from exactly the same clock. Not just same frequency, but also same phase and same phase modulation / phase noise to the extent possible.

I know it could be done by switching to a AD9364 and using External LO but I do not want to go there. The AD9363 doesn't have External LO support (as far as I know), it has a PLL that is more than good enough for my application, and even with ExtLO there remains a 180deg uncertainty on phase.

The block diagram of the AD9363 suggests that this is possible, however officially this seems to be limited to the TXMON input only.

I've worked with flexible radio IC's similar to the AD9363 before, and they always had override/test modes that allowed more reconfiguration than what was documented in the datasheet. An override of the RXLO mux would be a prime candidate, and an override of the input mux would also be quite common.

So I guess my questions boil down to:

1) is there a way to force the state of the RXLO mux to TXLO when using a regular RX port?

2) or, alternatively, is there a way to force the RX input mux to use the LNA input when in TXMON mode?

If so, would it be a problem to share the relevant override with me (privately if need be)?

Thanks in advance.