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AD9363_Rx1x⇔Rx1x Isolation


I have one question. Please tell me.

The receiving system of AD9363 has two channels, RX1(A,B,C) and RX2(A,B,C).

The inter-channel isolation between RX1(A,B,C) ⇔ RX2(A,B,C) is described in the datasheet.

The isolation within the following channels is not described, so please let me know.

 ・RX1(A) RX1(B)、RX1(B) ⇔ RX1(C)、RX1(B)RX1(C)

 ・RX2(A) RX2(B)、RX2(A) ⇔ RX2(C)、RX2(B)⇔RX2(C).

Best Regards.