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Transmit and Receive WLAN packets on a two separate Radios platform problem:

I have developed an algorithm using Matlab for the Zynq SDR using two zedboards and AD9361. I have one Radio set on IP and the other radio is set on IP I transmit from one IP and receive on another IP Radio.

I have developed the algorithm using Schmidl-cox method as described in the book “SDR4Engineers” written by Travis Now the problem is as follows:
I can not send one single transmit wave and try to receive from another radio to demodulate and decode the data. The error rate is very high.

I have managed to send the picture into 171 frames where each frame contains about 1152 bytes long. Each frame is sent from one radio and received on another Radio. The antennas are just 10cm apart. It is really a time consuming process. However, after receiving all the frames and decoding the data and assembling for final display of the figure shows 2% to 3% error rate. The schmidl-cox method does not achieve 0% error rate. In some frames “wlanpacketdetect” library do not detect the correct offset and hence there are some error in the received bits.

Now, if the buffer rate is about 284 bytes long, the number of frames send from one Radio and received on another radio, the error rate may come 0%. However, it is very unpredictable. I have realized that the schmidl-cox algorithm can not achieve 0% error rate. It is very unpredictable for the transmit and receive from two separate radios. Yes! As suggested by Travis, I use WLAN method in the matlab program. Not LTE method of transmission reception of the waveforms.

Here are my questions:

1. Is there any other way or other methods that we can achieve 0% error rate of transmission and receiver with two different Radios. If any other scholars have proposed a method and I can use in a real environment, I can try to write the matlab code. Kindly advise me on this!

2. Can we use LTE technology to accomplish the outcome of 0% error rate?

3. Is it possible to successfully achieve 0% error rate of transmission and reception in a Multi-SDR environment?

4. Is there any other method proposed by other scholars to successfully transmit and receive a picture as shown for a single radio code using LTE or WLAN transmission and reception?

5. I have read the book written by Travis After understanding the book and mastering matlab, I have a doubt that we can achieve this solution at all. Am I correct on this?

Anybody can respond to me with your valuable input and I would very much appreciate. I hope that Travis can make some comments about my inquiry.  Thanks in anticipation.