converting from floating point to i and q channels in ad9364 no-os software

Hi everyone,

I have a simple question that I would like some clarification on. I am using the zcu102 board with the fmcomms4 and using the baremetal with the no-os software. I have 128bit data which I have converted it to fixed point from floating point. I would like to then like to convert this data into i and q for QPSK modulation. in the no-os software and in the dma example we have the following code that is provided:

for(index = 0; index < tx_count; index += 1)
		index_i1 = index;
		index_q1 = index + (tx_count / 4);
		if(index_q1 >= tx_count)
			index_q1 -= tx_count;
		data_i1 = (sine_lut[index_i1] << 20);
		data_q1 = (sine_lut[index_q1] << 4);
		Xil_Out32(DAC_DDR_BASEADDR + index * 4, data_i1 | data_q1);

The code is converting a sine wave to data_i1 and data_q1 and then writing it to the DMA. How would I do the same for my data and convert it to i and q samples and send it to the DMA. should I just shift it like it has been done in the example code.