AD9361 Incorrect TX Output Power


We’d like to consult you about AD9361 TX output power and its relation with TX attenuation setting.

Firstly, we are working with pulses (with 6.5 us pulse width, up to 0.22% in a 5-millisecond period duty cycle) around 1 GHz. Pulses are created properly in both demo board and AD9361 in our module. The problem we have been experiencing is that we can not obtain desired TX output power in our module. Before explaining the problem in detail, let us assure you that in demo board, output power values are as expected.

You can see the measured values corresponding to attenuation settings in excel file. As can be seen from the values, TX output of our AD9361 does not function properly and neither do other our 3 modules. These values are measured directly at single ended output of TX1A of AD9361. Namely, at J8 connector (Hirose/MS-180, Subminiature Coaxial Switch), it can be found in 2-A part of the schematics. You can review the all connections of AD9361 in the module, corresponding parts of the schematics are attached as well.

We couldn’t figure it out. Do you have any special suggestion/remark for this problem? Your other customers may have encountered such a problem and there can be a general solution for that, I hope. All the connections have been done according to datasheet and reference manual but of course, we may have skipped a detail.

Thank you so much in advance.


Schematics are updated.
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