Saturated over gain

Hi All.

I am using a card which implemented ad9361 and Fpga to control it.

The default value for register 0xFD is 4C.

The system is configured for full gain table.

Fast attack AGC 0xFA value 5

I am injecting to rx1 14 signals, vary from - 95dbm to - 10dbm.

I noticed that the signals stronger than - 40dbm they all saturate

When i change the FD value 28,everything works smoothly.

I wonder why when the FD value is sett to 4C,the gain doesn't decrease enogh.

My pulses are 10msec long, 5 msec gap between each.

I used OFDM for my test signal modulation.

Thx in advance

Transmit signal modulation
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