AD9364 : Tuning TX & RX FAILED! error


We have designed custom board with 6 AD9364s with Virtex-7 FPGA.

During Testing , We keep hitting Tx - Rx Tuning Failed from test application in few cards based on AD9364BBCZ. Your team’s Expert opinion is required.

1)    What is the exact meaning of Tx-Rx tuning here?

2)     What could be the reason for Tx-Rx tuning fail?

3)     Which area (reference clock circuitry of the Board, RF component of the Board, Path between ADC IC and FPGA,IO delay constraining on Vivado tool or Tx-Rx related register value change    in  c code ) need to be debug while TX-RX tuning fail and initialization unsuccessful occur.    

4) Why initialization is getting successful while  TX-RX tuning fail issues like below print?

ad9361_init : AD9361 Rev 2 successfully initialized

5) How tuning fail is  affecting the waveform in spectrum analyzer while RX ->Tx loop back testing?

6) Spectrum analyzer screenshots of Tuning pass waveform (left)  and Tuning Fail waveform (right)  are as below images, during RX --> Tx loop back test.

RF signal generator input  frequency : 2000Mhz , Power : -25db to  Rx receiver, then looping it back  to spectrum analyzer through Tx channel.                                           

Please kindly note , this is not common error seen in all cards as few cards have been passed as well.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

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