ADCLK846 input voltage level problem in my custom ad9364 design


In AD-FMCOMMS5-EBZ design, I saw that  ADCLK846's input oscilator (RXO3225M)  is not availaible to buy  in digikey and mouser. Thats why I looked for another oscilator  for ADCLK846. but I could not proper oscilator in Vpp =1.8V(input level of ADCLK846).

1-) Could you advise me another oscilator? 

2-) I choiced  below oscilators. are these oscilator suitable for ADCLK846 in terms of phase noise. I know that they are not suitable   in terms of VPP. Could I use capacitive voltage divider to get 1.8V vpp with these oscilator? --> VPP= 2V --> VPP =3.3V

Thank you.