AD9361 TX Quad Calibration Transmits at maximum output power ?

Perhaps an oversight on my part but I was unaware that the AD9361 TX quad calibration actually transmits a signal at maximum output power. I know I can change the calibration into manual mode but is there any way to avoid this behavior while still being able to perform the calibration ? If even just at a lower output power ? My reason for wanting this is because I am using the AD9361 to generate an IF signal for an external RF front-end. This front-end has safety measure built in and actually shuts down if supplied with too high IF power (which happens during TX quad calibration).

Does the TX quad calibration signal really have to be transmitted all the way to the TX port or can this be avoided ?

Can the TX quad calibration output power be lowered ?

Could RF port select be used to perform TX quad cal without transmitting anything on TX A ?

Add question regarding RF port select
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