AD9361 :the delay through Tx data port => Tx out => Coaxial cable Connect=>Rx in => Rx data port

The delay  is different through Tx data port => Tx RF out => Coaxial cable Connect=>Rx RF in => Rx data port when AD9361 powered on every time.

Maybe the range of delay is in one or two sample rate.The sample rate is 56MHz. And AD9361 is MGC,Dual-Port, Full Duplex,FDD,1RX and 1Tx mode.

Can AD9361 connects the TX RF out port and Rx PF input  port internally? So we can calculate the delay of Tx data port => Tx RF out =>Rx RF in => Rx data port everytime powering on.

Or what methods do we use to avoid the problem the the delay is different every time powering on?

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