Disabling one PA in Ad_PZSDR2400TDD_EBZ hardware

We are using the LNA_PA module, ÄD_PZSDR2400TDD_EBZ with picozed hardware. We are using one RF channel,

So we don't want the second channel, so want  to switch off the other channel PA and LNA..LNA has separate control signal

for each LNA. Whereas the PA is having one control signal only connected to both PAs. Is it not required to switch off the unused PA.

How to switch off the unused PA.

As per the web link  https://wiki.analog.com/resources/eval/user-guides/ad-pzsdr2400tdd-eb/hardware/configuration_options", there are separate controls for the PA.

Please clarify.

Whether we can leave the I/p and o/p port of the PA channel, unconnected

Thank you