PackRF-AD9361 - bad output RF spectrum if transmitting IQ data


I have problem with transmitting IQ data, in all cases, the spectrum looks like this.

The problem occurs both in the control by Matlab and over IIO Scope. (Windows).

The resulting spectrum is identical for sine, QAM, QPSK; same on two PackRF kits.

( IQ signals are  from IIO Scope examples - qam16_20M.txt, sinewave_0.6.mat ... )

Spectrum is OK just if is generated CW from internal DDS. Also I try Adalm Pluto kit, and it works without problems with similar IIO Scope settings. Received signal on PackRF looks also all right.

SW on PC - Matlab 2015b, I/O Oscilloscope master-g76b8e59, libiio version : 0.15-c80412c

Firmware on PackRF :  Linaro 14.04 (GNU/Linux 4.9.0-04126-gf9739f0-dirty armv7l)  

( Firmware on Adalm Pluto : 4.14 )

Please have an idea why it behaves like this?

add exactly linux version
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