Occasional "Bad" Data being received from AD93651 temperature sensor


I have been reading the AD9361 millidegree Celsius die temperature through the Linux IIO driver by using the "cat in_temp0_input" command and dividing the result by 1,000 Normally, the temperature readings are what is expected (~25 degrees C).  However, every once in a while (every 300 readings or so) I will get a "bad" reading (e.g. 70 degrees C).  Currently the Temp Sensor Decimation register (0x0F) is set to zero (0) so the AuxADC temp. measurements are being decimated by 256.

I have read in the AD9361 Register Map Manual for the Temperature reading register (0x0E) that the AuxADC should be powered down (0x1D, bit D0) to ensure a valid reading (UG-671, page 8).  Does this mean in order to read the die temperature, I need to set bit D0 low before, read the temperature value and then set D0 back high again for the next reading?

If so, what Linux command can I use to toggle register 0x01D, bit D0 before reading the temperature using the "cat in_temp0_input" command?  Or is the IIO driver supposed to do that automatically when that command is issued?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

- Brad