ad9361 tx power of BW 20MHz

Hi ad9361 experts:
   I read the datasheet, and I want to confirm one thing. When the tx bandwidth is 20MHz, the tx attenuation is 0dB, and the tx lo frequency is 1.44GHz, what will the output power of ad9361 be? According to my test, it` s about -20dBm. Is this normal?

Thanks a lot.

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  • Hi Vinod:

      I tried to use ZED Board+AD-FMCOMMS3 to measure the output power of the one cw tone of tx1, and there is a parameter called scale(dBFS) in the ADI IIO Oscilloscope application. When I set this parameter to 0, the output power of the one cw tone can attain the level as the datasheet describe. Can this parameter be set in no-os software? What is it in no-os software?