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ad9631 rx I/Q signal peak clipping

Hi ad9361 experts:

    When I used vivado to observe the rx signal, and found that I/Q signal was too large with peak clipping. As the picture below shows:

   The value of the I/Q signal sometime is 0xffff, which reaches the peak. I am using FAGC. I tried to lower the overload threshold, but the problem still existed. And I changed gain control  mode to MGC, and lower the gain, still not solved. Could you give me some advice? 

Thanks a lot.

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  • Hi Vinod:

       Thanks for your reply. I make tx1 attenuation even to 40dB, still not solved. I am using FAGC,  I guess the ad9361 itself adjusts the gain to a very high value. But I dont know how to lower the gain it locks to. When I set tx1_attenuation to 20dB, the gain locks to 40dB. I even change the agc_inner_thresh_high to a lower value(-20dBFS), still not work. Is there anything that I missed?

       Thanks a lot.

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