AD9361 - DC Leakag(LO) Present at TX

Dear Fellow Engineers

   i am new to the engineering community and currently working with AD9361. Through out my research so far, i have seen the Presence of DC Offset (DC Leakage from Mixer inside ad9361) on the TX side as shown below in attachment. This is the something that i would like to remove or minimize even more so that it is negligible.  Any helpful feed back or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

DC is at MR (Unwanted)  and M1 is just a single tone.

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  • -23dBc DC spur is very high.  if you can spool your I and Q out of the final xN interpolator filter before the DACs, compute the mean or histogram it, and see how far from DC is the center value of the histogram.  You must have large I/Q imbalance!, perhaps miscalling of the interpolator filters, or initialization errors in the I/Q compensator. 

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