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ADI 9361 SOM Loopback

Hello all,

Vivado 2017.1

SDK no-os

I need to receive a signal on RX1A, process it, then send it on TX1A . I successfully implemented the receiver side, but this is the first time trying to use the ad9361 transmitter. 

To make things easy, I am trying to receive the signal and transmit it as is (without processing for now), so I thought I would just need to route the signals in the FPGA as shown in the attached graph...unfortunately, I am not getting the signal at the transmitter ?

Note: on the no-os side, I am using the same configurations (LO frequency, clocks, FIR, etc) for both RX and TX.

Am I routing the correct signals in  the FPGA or I need additional signals (valid, etc)?