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question about switching mechanism in adrv9029 user guide

Category: Datasheet/Specs

Hi, i noticed in the picture there are update mechanism and switching mechanism mentioned in adrv9029 user guide. Since DPD model coefficients update once every second through software whose rate is not consistent with the 10ms integration of DPD actuator input samples rms power, does it mean that switching mechanism is performed in hardware in the rate of 10ms and independent of update  mechanism? 

  • The decision to switch/ update to C- Table or M-Table depends on the power measured over 10ms integration of the DPD actuator input samples. In DPD update Mode 2, if the 10ms power is less than the specified M Threshold, the C-table will be updated.If its more than the M threshold, M- table will be updated. This is mainly used for GaN PAs where the signal dynamics will change more frequently.

  • Hi, thank you for reply. I don't think 10ms integration of DPD actuator input samples and DPD captured Orx/Tx samples in Table4 are the same case since it's unreasonable to capture 10ms length of samples to RAM, it's too large.