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External trigger on ADS9-V2EBZ or ADRV9029-Eval board

Category: Software
Product Number: adrv9029

Dear AD support,

I am using the board ADRV9029 as transceiver, with everything setup correctly and working well so far. I’m using a 10ms LTE signal as reference signal. However, I have a problem to measure the ACPR, as my signal analyzer fails to capture correctly the beginning and ending 10ms signal, and therefore creates ISI and worsens the ACPR reading.

In my previous testbed, the transceiver can generate a trigger signal to the signal analyzer, and based on that it can capture the 10ms correctly. Therefore, I wonder if either ADS9-V2EBZ or ADRV9029-Eval Board can have similar type of external trigger to synchronize with my signal analyzer?