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Using ADRV9029 Transceiver Evaluation Software

Category: Software
Product Number: Serial Number : 201331108
Software Version: FPGA Version : 0xD9000007, CMD_SERVER Version :

With the ADRV and ADS9 both connected to power and to each other, when using the TES software to program the board, the error posted below occurs. Before this, the TES software was able to program the board and update files on the boards without any issue. This error suddenly began to occur. The connectors between the boards are undamaged, and the LEDs for both boards turn on as specified. What can I do to fix this? Is this a deeper hardware issue in the boards? 

--- Error Message: ---

Programming failed.

The API has reported the following programming error:

--- Technical Details: ---

Method name: adi_board_adrv9025_JesdBringup
Message Source: API

API Error details:
- Message: Not all Tx links have been established..
- Error Number: 3
- Function Name: adi_board_adrv9025_JesdBringup
- Recovery Action: -3
- Source: adi_adrv9025_daughter_board.c, line 1066

System.Exception: ERROR while attempting to init board : ERROR: Product Name:9029CE01C; : ; : ; : ; : ; Error number 7, Recovery action -6. In file ../../../../c_src/boards/daughterboards/adrv9025/src/adi_adrv9025_daughter_board.c, in function adi_adrv9025Board_Dispatch, in line 2129, variable name __null. Error message ERROR-Phase2 fail: DaughterBoard Error - 7, ERROR-Phase2 fail: DaughterBoard Error - 7,
ERROR: adrv9010Device Error number 3, Recovery action -3. In file ../../../../c_src/boards/daughterboards/adrv9025/src/adi_adrv9025_daughter_board.c, in function adi_board_adrv9025_JesdBringup, in line 1066, variable name __null. Error message Not all Tx links have been established..

at adrv9010_dll.TopLevelClasses.AdrvDaughterCard.Program()
at Adi.adrv9010.ApiCalls.Api.program(Adrv9xxxTransceiver transceiver)

--- Versions: ---

Adrv9029 Transceiver Evaluation Software

GUI Version:
DLL Version:
Cmd Server Version:
Fpga Version: 0xD9000007
Arm Version:
Stream Version:

Analog Device Inc.
Copyright (c) 2019

--- Loaded Assemblies: ---

- TrxSoln.exe, v.
- Adi.Trx.Common.GUI.dll, v.
- Adi.Trx.Common.dll, v.
- Adi.Trx.Common.GUI.Abstractions.dll, v.
- Adrv9010ProfileGen.dll, v.
- adrvtrx_dll.dll, v.
- AdiGraph.dll, v.1.0.6656.22494
- log4net.dll, v.
- FMCEepromParser.dll, v.
- DictionaryView.dll, v.
- System.Data.SQLite.dll, v.
- Adi.Utilities.dll, v.1.0.6690.31656
- NationalInstruments.UI.WindowsForms.dll, v.
- NationalInstruments.UI.dll, v.
- NationalInstruments.Common.dll, v.
- Signal.dll, v.
- Modules.dll, v.
- StreamGen.dll, v.
- ucAdrv9010ConfigWizard.dll, v.
- Renci.SshNet.dll, v.2016.0.0
- Newtonsoft.Json.dll, v.
- NationalInstruments.Analysis.Enterprise.dll, v.


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