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ADRV9025 Error CpuBootStatus_e

Category: Software
Product Number: ADRV9025


FAIL occurred during initialization in ADRV9025.
The error message is “CpuBootStatus_e: 1 - : CPU is stuck in Powerup mode.”
Why am I getting the error message?

Thank you

  • This error usually occurs when the resource files are not generated from the same version of the GUI SW.

    Have you generated the resource files from the latest version of GUI and replaced them in your software (including all the stream and the binary files). Also you need to add the DPDfw.bin to the path as below:

    ///* Platform files settings */

    static adi_adrv9025_PlatformFiles_t platformFiles = {​​​​ {​​​​"/home/analog/adrv9025_c_example/resources/adrv9025/arm_firmware/ADRV9025_FW.bin;/home/analog/adrv9025_c_example/resources/adrv9025/arm_firmware/ADRV9025_DPDCORE_FW.bin"}​​​​,


    {​​​​ {​​​​{​​​​"/home/analog/adrv9025_c_example/resources/adrv9025/gain_tables/RxGainTable.csv"}​​​​, 0xFF}​​​​ }​​​​,


    {​​​​ {​​​​{​​​​"/home/analog/adrv9025_c_example/resources/adrv9025/gain_tables/TxAttenTable.csv"}​​​​, 0x0F}​​​​ }​​​​,


    Also, try disabling  ADI_ADRV9025_SPI_WRITE_STREAMING_ENABLE.

    The power supplies have to be maintained at the rated voltages.

  • DEAR Ramarao

    It's in production using version

    Customer is using "ADRV9025_FW.BIN/ADRV9025_DPDCORE_FW.bin/stream_image.bin/RxGainTable.csv" provided by

    You said to disable it and try it, but it is difficult to judge by testing it at the customer company.

    Please explain why the improvement is improved by disabling the "ADI_ADRV9025_SPI_WRITE_STREAMING_ENABLE" value.

    The issue occurred in the lab.
    No problems in the field yet.

    Mass production is in progress.
    Do I have to change to the latest version?

    Thank you.

  • * If enabled, dma full word write transactions are performed with Spi streaming. This allows API to write a full word as
    * A A D D D D package of 6 bytes. If disabled, API writes a full word as A A D A A D A A D A A D package of 12 bytes.
    * Streaming speeds up the memory access when there is large number of bytes to be written.


    As you can see in the UG1727, Page 22, the BB processor may not have the SPI streaming mode during which case these issues may occur. Due to this reason, just wanted to check disabling SPI streaming mode and try.