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ADRV9026 Balun

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADRV9026 / ADRV9029


We are using ADRV9026 / ADRV9029 in our design. Looking at the BOM and schematic for the evaluation board,  receivers and transmitters are using the same Balun 440015ABL0100E which has impedance ratio of 1:2.

Data sheets of ADRV9026 /ADRV9029 show that Receivers have 100 ohm differential impedance whereas Transmitters have 50 ohm differential impedance. From the BOM of ADRV9026_HB_BOM, please see below:

T301 is used on receiver whereas T501 is used on transmitter. How can these be same baluns? is this a mistake in the schematic and BOM of ADRV9026_ADRV9029_Design Package?

Thank you.