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ADRV9029 stability erro

Category: Software
Product Number: adrv9029
Software Version: TES-GUI-

Hi AD support,

I'm currently trying ADRV9029 DPD on a single PA GRF4014 at Tx1/ORx1. So far, I have the following questions:

  1. How can I choose a good DPD models? There are hundreds of them pre-built, but so far whatever I tried, it ended up with STABILITY_ERROR.
  2. What causes STABILITY_ERROR? As I checked the question at Question about countermeasures for ADRV9029 EVB DPD STABILITY_ERROR, as well as tried DPD mode 1,
    increasing the peak search window size and increasing regularization value, nothing solves this ERROR.
  3. When I tried Tx-Attenuator-ORx setup, DPD runs well