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support for Intel Arria 10 Dev board

I have seen demos run using the ADRV9026 dev board and an Arria 10 SoC Dev board. I have both of these, but when connecting the TES errors saying "no eeprom on device".

I have also found a number of posts here that say the TES only supports the ADS9 motherboard. However I have seen this work and Intel have been saying that "ADI are about to release the supported software and documents" for almost 6 months. 

Is there a different version of TES available for the Arria 10? or any documents on how to get this setup to work? 

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  • In the board that supports Arria10 FPGA the clock chip is different. That is the main difference that limits

    This was the main difference.

    can you provide any more details on the differences? or provide the schematic for the ADRV9029 sub6G EBZ so that we can check our design will work?

    We need to wait for release (A decision is still not made on release), We do not have any documentation to share, as of now.