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ADRV9026 intermittently fails PostMCSInit

We have been consistently using the ADRV9026 HB for several months rather smoothly. Our configuration is running the ADRV9026 from a custom carried board (Xilinx ZCU106) using the provided API for the ADRV9026. Last week, we have several occurrences of the ADRV9026 failing to initialize during the Post MCS Init. If we power cycle several times then it will eventually boot correctly and be good to go. 

What would cause the PostMCSInit to intermittently fail power cycle to power cycle? Can we do anything to mitigate or prevent this?

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  • What are these 2 logs? There was no difference between them. Is it a log captured during working or non working case?

    In the meantime, is the PostMCSInit something that could be retried, or tried continuously until it passes? Right now our only failure path is to power cycle the hardware and expect it to be better the next time. It'd be nice if we could put it in a while loop until the proper return code was received.

    I dont think that is a good idea.It would be good to debug the issue than running PostMCSInit continuously. What is the init cal Mask are you using? Can you try with 0xD37FF when it is failing without power cycling when the failure happens?

  • Sorry, that was only meant to be sent once. I'm not sure why it uploaded twice, it is in fact the same log. It's a log of the nonworking version. I'll capture a log of the working version this morning.

    We are using this Cal Mask

            // initCals
            0xD27FF, // calMask
            0x0F,    // channelMask
            0        // warmBoot

    What is the difference between what we have and the 0xD37FF?
  • 0xD27FF does not have Tx QEC Init cal enabled and 0XD37FF has Tx QEC Inti cal enabled. When we tested with D37FF on our EVB, we did not get this issue.