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ADRV9025 init-Madura


I know that if there is an RF signal input to RX when initializing ADRV9025, fail occurs in the initializing stage of Init-madura.

We inquire about the threshold value that occurs when the signal input to the ADRV9025 RX is at what level.

Thank you.

  • During the calibrations, the input port should be isolated from the incoming signals and the calibration tones will appear on the Rx pins and, therefore, must be prevented from reaching the antenna through the Rx port being properly terminated.

    The calibrations will be impacted even if there are some low level signals present as well and hence it is recommended that there should not be any signals present on the Rx. pins.

  • DEAR

    I fully understand that there should be no RX input.
    I want to know the minimum value of the level that is input to RX.

    What is the minimum (maximum) level reference that does not affect calibration?

    Thank you.

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  • I have tested this on my EVB and if the RF input power is more than ~ -15dBm, the programming is failing which means the cals are throwing error, especially Rx QEC.

    However, we would recommend not to provide an RF input while running cals.

    Do you have any condition that the RF input will be present during cals, any specific requirement?