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ADRV9026 Typical ACLR Performanc


My team is interested in understanding the typical ACLR performance for ADR9026 Quad Transceiver. In data sheet reports the performance for 20MHz LTE waveform at -12dBFs.

1) Is the -12dBFs the DAC I+Q setpoint, i.e. is it -15dBFs per I and per Q?

2) The ACLR is reported as -65dBc to -68dBc. Is that achieved with or without DPD? Also do these numbers include the contribution of Phase noise?



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  • 1) So just to confirm the DAC -12dBFs setpoint is for the envelope and in that case is the transceiver using one of your DACs with 10mA FS per phase?

    Yes, the DAC -12dBFS setpoint is for the envelop and how are you saying that the transceiver using one of the DACs with 10mA FS per phase, are you referring to any document?

    2) What is the envelope (I+Q) PAPR of the LTE waveform that was used to report the -65dBc ACLR?

    It should be 9.7dB at 0.01% probability for the LTE 20MHz signal.