ADRV9026 adi_adrv9025_CpuStartStatusCheck show "ldo configuaration error"

my adrv9026 cpu start check  report  error "CpuBootStatus_e: 16 - LDO Configured Incorrectly "

i use "nobypass ldo"  configure  in my setting

the error status is:

when issure  "adi_adrv9025_CpuStart" function,

VRFVCO1_1P0 :     700mv--->0V(380ms)-->700mV

VRFVCO2_1P0 :     700mv--->0V(380ms)-->700mV

VAUXVCO_1P0:   700mv--->0V(380ms)-->700mV  

do not achive to 1.0V level.

my adrv9026 chip production batch is: 1942(2019,42week)。 the function “ldo nobypass“ is useful?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    Sep 15, 2021 in reply to baisuansuan +1 verified
    First, my chip silicon version(register 0x5) in my board is 0xA3, and it's Product Data is 1942(2019, 42weeks). It is an early silicon chip.  But I could only download software SW5…
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