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ADRV9026 ORX pin control


I want to setting ORX to pin mode . I choose Single Channel 1 Pin Mode,  and want to enable all orx channel 

In the Table 112 in UG1727, it statements a single channel is selected through the API ,

Could you tell me what is the API? And is it possible to enable 4 orx ports simultaneously? 

Thanks a lot~


 UG1727 Table 112:

Single Channel
1-Pin Mode In this mode a single channel is selected through the API (over SPI). ORX_CTRL_A is the enable/disable control pin,
when high the selected ORx is enabled, when low, all ORx paths are disabled. Figure 57 illustrates Single Channel 1 Pin
Mode. Note that ORx1 has been shown in this example, however any of ORx1 to ORx4 can be chosen.