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ADRV9026 report:Stream image checksum error

test environment: our own FPGA board + adrv9026 daughter board. 

we use original code, but delete every ADS9 config.

after load sream_image.bin, CPU report checksum error.

we add print address and size while loading stream_image.bin as follow:

and print like this:

we tried to read back addr 0x2004e800, the content is not the same as stream_image.bin.

we've tried another test: load stream_image.bin to address cpuAddr->progStartAddr,and read back after load, the read back content is the same stream_image.bin.

so, as above, guess the load address maybe the root cause.

do you have any advice?


  • I know this thread is over a year old, not sure if it was resolved, but I had an almost identical issue recently with the ADRV9026 stream image checksum failing.

    In summary I am not using the ADS9 platform but designing for a different Zynq MP board (non-Xilinx) hence I developed custom SPI read and write functions which always verified OK when accessing the ADRV9025_ADDR_SCRATCH_PAD and ADRV9025_ADDR_SCRATCH_PAD_UPPER_ADDRESS_SPACE registers.

    Crucially in error I had written my own HwReset function, and failed to handle the SpiCfgSet properly by only configuring the ADRV9025_ADDR_SPI_INTERFACE_CONFIG_A register.  I failed to handle the ADRV9025_ADDR_DIGITAL_IO_CONTROL and ADRV9025_ADDR_SPI_INTERFACE_CONFIG_B properly.

    This would cause the SPI operation to fail writing the Stream Image firmware however dumping the ARM CORE firmware using adi_adrv9025_ArmMemDump showed no issues.  After CpuStart the device would report Stream Image Checksum error.

    Other odd behaviour I saw was I'd see the SPI interface switch from four-wire mode down to three-wire mode so if you see something similar it could point SPI interface configuration.

    In the end to fix my issue, it was necessary after toggling the ADRV9026 Reset line, to call the proper API function adi_adrv9025_SpiCfgSet to correctly setup the ADRV9026 SPI interface !!!

    Hope this helps and saves you time...

    - Graham

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