How to dump EEPROM contents from EVAL-ADRV9026

The customer wants to connect the ADS9-V2EBZADS9-V2EB  with the ADRV9026 board made by customer and control it with the EVAL GUI (ADRV9026 Transceiver Evaluation Software).

To do this, I want to dump the EEPROM data where the Board ID is stored. Is there a way?

I am trying to test as above until the customer's FPGA baseband board is completed, but I would like to know how.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on May 6, 2020 10:28 AM 11 months ago

    The EEPROM is a requirement by the FMC standard, it is where some information about the FMC connection is stored, like voltages, etc.

    Furthermore we use it to store the part numbers and board type in order for our server/dll operate correctly, if it is not there the server/dll wont work. So the EEPROM content in unique for a board and you cannot use that for your custom board.

    We will check and get back , if we have any option here to help. 

  • Vinod,

    Is it possible to know the content of the EEPROM U204 on the EVAL-ADRV9026/ADRV9029 ?

    I want to connect the ADS9-V2EBZADS9-V2EB  with a ADRV9026/ADRV9029 board made by me and control it with the EVAL GUI (ADRV9026 Transceiver Evaluation Software)

    Thanks by advance for your response.

    Adrien Tuffery

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